War of the Phoenix

The Otherworld has descended into chaos.

Drake has enslaved Erp Surrel and the factions rally together at Castle Regent to take back the throne while Seamus rots in a cell. Working with Isabella Snatch, Erp Surrel’s top reporter, they together plot a revolution.

Just as Iliana uncovers her mysterious origins, she returns to the Otherworld from not knowing where. Struggling to recall the place where the oracle took her, she meets Nathan, a young man who is not as he appears and feared by many, who offers to help her rescue Zelda.

With her Familiar Clio, she stands ready to fight the Lady and Drake to win back her friend and the Otherworld using an Artefact. A strange, alien tool with Armageddon powers.

But will she be able to save everyone? Or will the war cost her more than she can give?

Don’t miss this exciting second installment of the Divine Inheritance series.