Return of the Starchild

A girl with terrifying power. A reluctant king. One rising enemy.

Iliana lives in Walker’s Fall, England and longs to escape her abusive adoptive parents to find her real family. When a fight breaks out between Iliana and her father, she knocks him unconscious due to, her surprise, magick shooting out from her finger. Even worse, a dark creature then appears in her town and tries to kill her.

With the help of a cast of fantastical characters, she is whisked away into the Otherworld. Where faeries guard gates to other domains, a mad queen reigns, wild bandits roam freely and people can do terrible magick. Iliana finds herself chased continuously by an unknown enemy in a foreign world, and is forced to trust no one yet question everything she knows about herself. She embarks on a treacherous journey of discovery. But will she find her real family and learn the extent of her newfound gifts? Or will the dark creatures of the Otherworld destroy her first? Her inheritance, Iliana may find, could cost more than anything she’s ever endured. Old Seamus rules the Otherworld like a blind man. Between investigating a prison break, and tracking a serial killer unleashed in his city while juggling social unrest, he gropes through the dark as he struggles to seek the truth. Haunted by the spectres of his past, he desperately tries to save his kingdom just as a trap is set to snap.

Both of their fates alone may push the precariously balanced Otherworld over the precipice.