In Touch with Your Core as You Write

I know the title of this post sounds odd. So I’ll forgive you if you believe the below is something that would run through your mind:

Dialogue Piece #1

‘What does she mean when she says, ‘be in touch with your core?’’

‘Not sure, just keep walking. Don’t make eye contact.’

It’s the connection between mind and gut, your stomach, a place that contains wisdom and ultimate truth. Writing from your core means that what you produce is honest and raw because you’re connecting not just with the creative part of your brain, but to some degree, your whole body too. There’s fulfilment there, a full expression and that filters through the words you choose, how you string them together. The tone changes and your words hit with more impact and are likely to be highly descriptive, meaning that the reader more rapidly intuitively and emotively detects the conveyance behind your words.

Writing isn’t just a brain activity, it’s an all-inclusive body-connection experience where you write with all of you and not just one part, which can be insanely liberating for parts of you that may never get to be expressed.

So What Does this have to do With Creative Writing?

Creative writing opens doors for unexplored, unknown parts of you to come through. It trickles into the characters you create, how they interact with each other. Not to sound too creepy but it’s kinda like a child psychologist watching how a child does role play with toys. Except in adults.

But it’s great because it means originality. It means if you’re worried about what your personal brand should look like as an author, this is one road to achieving it authentically, because it’s the real you coming through your work. Follow this because it’s what you really want to show, and it’s what your audience truly wants to see, even if they don’t know it themselves.

A lot of authors talk about choosing a target audience and writing content for them. That’s great if they’re the audience interested in your content. But your first priority should be with yourself, why you’re writing in the first place, and then decide who would be most interested in what you want to get out in the world. You love writing adventurous fairytales? Guess who your target audience is going to be? You would love to write your memoirs? Who do you think would benefit most from reading it? Who do you think would love to know about your experiences in South Africa before apartheid?

Express yourself in your writing, you may as well have fun while you’re doing it. Knowing your target audience and where they hang out online is key too. But write from the core, the coeur, where your passion lives. From experience, I’ve seen this is where my best writing has come from. It doesn’t mean you’re going to feel passionate everytime you write, most people don’t feel passionate after their thirtieth date, but sticking to that practice that helps you vent and bring you closer to a feeling of wholeness is a goal worthy of everyone pursuing. The deeper you dive into writing, the more you’ll touch on fragmented parts of yourself, unconscious perspectives and feelings brought to light, leading to self-discovery and ultimately a higher sense of self-awareness.

Not bad for just making up stories is it?

The more you pour yourself into your characters and stories, the more accurate the self-reflection it can give, highlighting aspects of your personality.

Writing is self-exploration as well as creation.

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