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War of the Phoenix

Book 2

The Otherworld has descended into chaos.

Drake has enslaved Erp Surrel and the factions rally together at Castle Regent to take back the throne while Seamus rots in a cell. Working with Isabella Snatch, Erp Surrel’s top reporter, they together plot a revolution…

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Return of the Starchild

Book 1

A girl with terrifying power. A reluctant king. One rising enemy.

Iliana lives in Walker’s Fall, England and longs to escape her abusive adoptive parents to find her real family. When a fight breaks out between Iliana and her father, she knocks him unconscious due to, her surprise, magick shooting out from her finger. Even worse, a dark creature then appears in her town and tries to kill her…

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Return of the Starchild the author

Catriona Murphy won an award for a short story in 2008, from the SCC Creative Writing competition, and hasn’t stopped writing since. She lives in Dublin, Ireland and works full-time in digital marketing.